Sunday 21st November - pancakes, ghee, leek and potato soup, bread, Butter Chicken

Breakfast - pancakes. The kids favourite.

Then made some Ghee (ready for tonight's dinner).

Lunch - my favourite soup - Leek and Potato. Using the liquid chicken stock I made on Friday and lovely Leeks given to me by my neighbour.

Made a loaf of bread.

Dinner - Butter Chicken from the Indian cookbook.
This is a really lovely butter chicken - though I did cringe at the amount of cream in it!!
Really tasty - used the Tikka Paste I made yesterday and this morning's Ghee.


  1. We LOVE the Butter Chicken in the Indian cookbook, but I use a tin of coconut cream instead of the cream.

  2. Great idea, unfortunately I'm allergic to coconut but going to do it with yoghurt next time. dd1 initially thought it was chicken in yoghurt.