Sunday 28th November - bread, Teriyaki Chicken, chocolate gelato

Made a loaf of bread for lunch.

Dinner - Teriyaki Chicken using the Teriyaki beef recipe from Meat on the Menu with a longer cooking time for the chicken.
Was really yummy. Next time will add a bit more liquid with the longer cooking time as I loooove sauce. But this was a massive hit with everyone. All three kids loved it and dd3 had seconds (dinner is not her big meal and she usually picks a bit) and dh and I also loved it. Will be a regular here. Also added carrots at the same time as the chicken to make it a more all in one meal. Served with rice noodles.

Dessert made a chocolate gelato recipe from the forum, this was ok. Couldn't get it to set in the icecream maker at all (the girls happily ate it as a soup/custard) so will see what it's like after freezing tomorrow.

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