Wednesday 20th October - bread, chicken ballontines, rice, veg

Made a loaf of buckwheat bread.

Dinner was chicken ballontines (recipe on forum, link previous), using up the rest of the filling from the last time, with one with feta and sundried tomatoes (specially for dd1 as her fav fillings).
Made a chilli creamy cheese sauce (blitzed garlic, spring onion, parsley and chili), sauted, added stock concentrate and water to 800mls, then at the end added cream cheese (80g?) and cornflour. (based on bafs chicken dish - we only tried this once as it wasn't the hit I expected, but as think it was dd2 that disliked it the most - I know I loved it - I thought I'd make it as an optional sauce but with less cream cheese and dd2 hardly ever has sauce/gravy anyway. Think if it wasn't so spicy the other two would have liked it.)
Cooked rice in the basket, sauce in the jug, chicken parcels and veg (asparagus, beans and carrots - lol, there were carrots but I'd eaten them) in the varoma.

Unfortunately the chicken hadn't cooked, not sure what the problem was - too much foil? too thick parcels? worked perfectly last time.
So just popped the rice and vegies into the thermoserver and popped the chicken into the oven (already on and heated as was baking the bread) for another 15 mins. (quicker and easier than waiting for the sauce to finish, removing, cleaning bowl and resteaming a the oven was heated).
So took a little longer than expected but was lovely.
dd2 ate loads of the chicken and both older girls have asked for the left overs for lunch at school tomorrow.
The rice was a bit spicy for the older two (after the bland effort on the sauce last night I did pop a large red chili in so can see where they were coming from as it was infused in the rice). But dd3 had 3 lots of the rice, lol, so she liked it.

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