Tuesday 19th October - porridge, salmon, rice and veg.

Tuesday 19th October

Breakfast - porridge.

Dinner - Steamed salmon and veg (asparagus and carrots) in the varoma, whilst cooking rice in the basket and a sauce of onions and wine in the jug.
I sort of based the sauce on this recipe http://www.forumthermomix.com/index.php?topic=4527 - Varoma meal Huelva style. Used chili flakes, used dry sherry and white wine, didn't put carrots in, but it just didn't have enough flavour for me, though was nice enough mixed with the rice. And the rice had a really lovely flavour.
The salmon was cooked perfectly and was a really lovely easy meal.
Photo of dd2's plate - without any sauce as she isn't a big sauce fan - though she did have extras of everything else.

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