Thurs 21 October - juice, bread crumbs, dahl

Thursday 21st October

Breakfast - orange and mandarin juice.

Dinner - I made tomato and lentil dahl (edc) and also Parmesan crumbed aubergine.
I fell in love with this recipe on Junior Masterchef.

I created the crumb using:
1 clove of garlic
small handful of parsley
80g of breadcrumbs (broken up)
40g of parmesan (in cubes)

Added parmesan to TMX and chopped 6 sec spd 8
Added garlic, bread and parsley - chopped 5 sec spd 7

Sliced the eggplant and cut in half.
Then coated the eggplant in flour, egg and the above breadcrumbs and fried for a 2 mins each side.

They were nice but not as good as I'd hoped, didn't feel the parmesan flavour came through enough with that ratio.

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