Monday 11 October - burrito sauce

Kids back to school today! Yah!

Dinner I had planned on making sausages, mash and onion gravy with steamed veg, but ended up at a friends after school, forgot about clarinet lesson and got home and panicked about not having time for that.
So decided to use the sausages to make a meat dish to go on wraps / burritos.

Chopped garlic, 1/2 onion, 1/2 chili
Added chopped up sausage
Added oil and sautéed for 5 mins (100degrees, reverse, speed soft).
Added 1/2 tin tomatoes and worcester sauce and cooked for 10 mins reverse, speed soft, 100 degrees.
Was really lovely.
I could have done more with herbs and spices but as this was a panic make something as quick as you can this was great. Very tasty - but they were lovely organic beef and basil sausages.

All the kids loved it - served on tortillas with sour cream, sauces (sweet chili, hot chili, mustard depending on preferences) and salad.

Given me loads of ideas for making mince for burrito's and also other things to use sausages with.

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