Saturday 16th October - boiled eggs, bread rolls, Creamy Chicken and Brown Rice soup, Bimby Choc Cake and Icing, Apricot Balls, Gourmet Beef, Bread

Breakfast - boiled eggs

Lunch -

bread rolls and soup

Creamy Chicken & Brown Rice Soup

Though I didn't add the chicken and used liquid chicken stock. This was really yummy, highly recommend.

Made - Bimby Chocolate Cake

Cake for dd2's birthday party tomorrow

Attempted these APRICOT NUT BALLS for the girls snacks for this week.

Had to really tweak, I'd left it all to cool then added and mixed as said, but nothing was blended and the dry stuff just sat on top, lol. Not sure if it was too cool.

So I blended up on speed 6 for a bit then added a little water and cooked for another 5 mins. Worked well.

So in future I would try blending all the ingredients then cooking.

Also I used oats instead of almonds as didn't see they were meant to be chopped till after I'd started, but how I ended up doing it would have been fine putting them in whole as they'd chop up when I blended it all.

Served with rice, carrots, beans and peas.
This was really nice. A lovely rich but mild flavour that all the kids liked. dd1 thought it would make a lovely pie filling. dd3 had several serves. Will be making it again.

The girls shelling peas for dinner.

Also made butter icing for dd's birthday cake.

And a loaf of multigrain bread for tomorrow.

All this with a rotten cold!! So glad I have a Thermomix!

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