Sunday 1st August - cheese, gravy, bread

Lunch time grated up both cheddar and parmesan cheese

Dinner was roast and made the gravy in the Thermomix.
What a help this is, it's really an extra pair of hands in the kitchen. Usually I hate getting the gravy done, whilst carving the meat, cooking the vegies and getting the potatoes out of the oven, oh and trying to get someone to set the table all at the same time.
Put the roast pan juices, cornflour, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar and bisto gravy granules in the Thermomix, blended for 10 seconds on speed 4, then set to cook at 90 degrees for 8 minutes at speed 4.
Lovely smooth gravy, no need to sieve. Brilliant.

Dh also made some bread rolls in the evening with wheat, mixed seeds and cheese.

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  1. That gravy sounds delicious. I love roasts, but am terrible at cooking them. Trying to get everything hot at the same time eludes me. I hadn't thought about making the gravy in TMX - brilliant!