Wednesday 18th August - smoothie, choc balls, tuna pasta

Breakfast - banana smoothie

Snack - chocolate balls

Adapted from this recipe

I wanted to try these so didn't use coconut and change a few things around (had nearly run out of sultanas).

100g dates

60 sultanas

40g almond meal

40g milk powder

1/2 tbsp cocoa

1 tbsp boiling water

1 tsp psyhillium husk.

As per the recipe. Only did a small batch as wasn't sure about them but they turned out great! Made 10 nice sized balls.

A healthy chocolate treat. When I asked the girls what they were they immediately said chocolate balls.

Dinner - tuna pasta

Sort of like the EDC recipe (though I didn't notice it to later, lol).

Grinded a clove of garlic (8sec speed 7), then sauted in oil for 2 minutes (100 degrees speed 1) added 1/2 a zucchini, basil, parsley and a whole tomato and whizzed speed 6 for 8 seconds, added 1/2 a tin of tomatoes (was a bit less hence the extra tomato), bit of white wine and bit of water (so all up around 400 ml level in the bowl I think). Cooked for 10 mins 100 degrees speed 1. Added tin of tuna (the 185g tuna slices one) and pasta (this was just for the three girls so 8 good handfuls, lol, how I've always measured it so not sure how much that is) and cooked for 10 mins at 100 degrees, reverse speed soft.

Served with parmesan cheese.

For a larger family serving you'd need more liquid.

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