Saturday 21st August - boiled eggs, pureed strawberry, rolls, dip, stroganoff, cheese sauce

Lots of uses today.

Breakfast: boiled eggs

and then pureed strawberry for adding to yoghurt

Had guests for dinner so during the afternoon I made

isi's bread rolls and herb and garlic dip

And for dinner had Beef Stroganoff

I also made cheese sauce (for the girls cauliflower cheese for dinner)


  1. Hi there -- I'm wondering how your cheese sauce turned out and if you followed a recipe. I find cheese sauce to be a challenging thing... and it takes some practice to find the right 'fit' that works well for the family AND the machine... feel free to share any cheesy tips you might have learned along the way.

    Thanks again for all your inspiring ideas for Thermomix cooking!

  2. Hi,
    I just did it as per the EDC but half quantities. So 250g milk, 25g flour, 25 g butter, 40g strong cheddar.
    Came out great. The girls loved it and the bit I tasted was really nice. Great consistency. I'd also like it with a bit of mustard was thinking a grainy one would go well.
    Think I was just lucky, lol.