Wednesday 25th August - porridge, choc balls, pastry filling, jam, Baf's chicken, Strawberry Dream

Lots of work for the Thermomix today.

Breakfast was porridge

In the morning I made choc balls again as the girls really liked them- double the recipe from before but it was a bit runny (think I added too much water) so add 100g of shredded coconut (so I can't have them but that's probably good, lol).

Then I minced up garlic, spring onion, chicken, zucchini, mixed herbs and paprika to make 'sausage rolls' for lunch.

Then I made strawberry jam - as per edc added 25 g jamsetta and then also cooked it for 10 mins on varoma at the end.

Brilliant - perfect consistency and really yummy.

Dinner was baf's chicken - dd2 and I really liked this but the other two weren't keen on the cheesy sauce - no idea why?!! It was yum!!

Desert I made strawberry dream (1/2 portion of the Fruity dream recipe in the EDC) with frozen strawberries, sugar and egg white. Yum, girls asked for more! The pic of my portion is a bit defrosted by the time I got round to it.

So simple and yummy will definitely do that again with different fruits.

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