Sunday 22nd August - marinade, gravy

Sunday 22nd August
Made a marinade (2 cloves garlic, rosemary (both chopped), mustard, worcester sauce, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce (1/4 cup each of the liquids) blended, then two bay leaves added. This was used to marinade rump steak cubes that were made into kebabs.

Later used the marinade to make up a gravy. (added flour, a little wine and a little water, blended 10 sec speed 6, cooked 8 minutes, 90 degrees on speed 4.)

This was such a nice marinade.

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  1. Making gravy like that is SO easy and rewarding and just one of the 'little' things that Thermomix does so well, that helps us have more fun in the kitchen.

    Love your blog, thanks for keeping it up to date with such dedication and regularity!