Wednesday 30th November

So sorry I've gotten a bit slack.
I just feel that I am blogging the same old, same old.
I feel that reading through the last year and half's posts you can see that I still use the tmx all the time. It's been such a great investment and saved me time and money and we also eat better.
I feel that maybe it's time to move the blog to a more interesting recipe base. ie yes everyone knows we eat a lot of porridge, lol.
So am thinking to just blog more on the main meals we cook and recipe links, and when I have time more of a general overview.

And highlight of this week has to have been the enchilada recipe from the forum. Once again a total winner, dd2's absolutely favourite meal still.
For me I think the wontons, stock and wonton soup we had tonight. I love how easy it is to chop, mix, stir and make the wonton mixture. As I've said so many times re the chicken stock, ooooh so simple, I just love the leave it, no need to strain due to the basket etc, well I must do as I make it every week, lol.
Haven't had wonton soup in awhile and forgotten how much I love it (last few times we've had wontons done them with rice and stir fry veg.

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