Thursday 3rd November - porridge, rice, stock, chicken udon soup

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch - made rice to go with leftover enchilada sauce from last night.

Dinner - made chicken stock and then made soup. Chopped garlic and ginger, sauteed, added stock, chili flakes, little soy sauce, chinese 5 spice, heated, added mixed veg and cooked shredded chicken, cooked 8 mins added shelf fresh udon noodles. dd3's favourite soup so she was happy.

Not Thermomix related at all. But I am hosting some charity auctions starting this weekend over at my store ArtEZan.

The auctions, Loving Hands for Australian Cancer Research Foundation, include lots of gorgeous hand made items from WAHM's. There are gorgeous shawls, children's clothing, knits, bookmarks, stitch markers and a blanket. All donated to raise money for Cancer Research.
I would really appreciate it if you had a look and spread the word to your friends to support these auctions for this very worthwhile cause.
If you are on facebook please like the facebook page and spread the word that way. Please help us makes these auctions a success.
Thank you.

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