Monday 21st November - choc orange muffins, chicken and veg fried rice

Made orange muffins with choc chips (forum recipe) so love this one as I love orange but hate peeling them, so the throw the whole thing in so appeals to me. Haven't had them in ages as dd2 doesn't like them, so I tend to avoid but as I'm making heaps this week it wasn't a problem.

Dinner had a chicken and veg 'fried' rice. I've taken to doing stir fry's on the stove top but I so love the ease of using the tmx, rice in the basket, chicken (marinated) and vegies in the varoma, cook for 16 mins, pop the chicken and vegies with some soy sauce, sweet chili sauce and sesame oil and cook for a minute, mix all together. Yum! And so easy. I prepped (10 mins before going to collect dd, home) then cooked for less than 20 mins and all ready to serve. Whilst it was cooking I did the lunch box washing up and general tidying. Love how the tmx frees you up for other things.

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