Friday 2nd December

Well as I said my Thermomix usage is just too boring to blog about, the usual couple of boring things a day. I dream of the day when I will have time to pour over recipe books and try lots of new things (maybe over the school holidays???).

But wanted to blog about dd1 today.
She is very interested in cooking, loves cooking shows, magazines and cookbooks and even regularly borrows them from the library.
But she is quite timid in the kitchen and usually her cooking something involves me cooking it and her watching, lol.
But she has made shortbread a few times in the tmx on her own. So this afternoon she asked to make some and with no input made the shortbread (including making her own rice flour), baked it, made a ganache and put the chocolate coating on.
She was very proud of herself as was I. She'd never made ganache before and really used her initiative.
But there is no way in the world even with a recipe she would have felt confident using the stove top to melt the chocolate etc, so once again loving my tmx.

Have nearly convinced her that she would get such a great sense of achievement if she cooked dinner one night, told her to try something simple like stroganoff.

Oh and the highlight of my cooking week - would have to have been the wonton soup on Wednesday night. Just a plain chicken stock (of course made in the tmx) with lots of garlic and some chili, with yummy wontons (mixture made in the tmx). super quick and easy (I premade the stock and wontons) as we had to be out early for the girls evening school concert performance. Wonton soup has always been my favourite.


  1. Well done to your daughter.
    Wonton soup is my favourite. I'd love if you could post a recipe. Thanks xxx

  2. Hi Kelly, I'm not exact with my wonton soup recipe and there are various renditions on here. Here is one:
    So I just make a basic chicken stock. Then wonton mix with some kind of mince (chicken/pork/pork and veal usually, or mince chicken), garlic, ginger, chopped celery and carrot etc, flavours - soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil), The soup either just add garlic and ginger and chili and serve plain or also add some thinly sliced veg and asian greens to it.