Saturday 13th August - boiled eggs, stock, yorkies, gravy

Breakfast - boiled eggs. Still love how easy it is to boil eggs in the tmx (edc recipe), though today I also did poached eggs to make everyone happy.

Made chicken stock. I worked out on the fact that I make liquid chicken stock on average once a week I save over $150 a year on stock alone (compared to using the packaged liquid stocks I used to use). Stock is just so easy to make using the tmx and using the basket means it's already strained and ready to store/use when it finished cooking.

Dinner - we had roast lamb - Yorkshire pudding batter (recipe from Jamie's 30 minute meals and on here somewhere - 1 cup flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg, blend. heat muffin tin for 15 mins, pour in oil and batter mixture quickly and pop back in oven and cook 14 mins) and gravy done in the tmx.

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