Sunday 7th August - pancakes, chicken and sweetcorn soup, truffles, pizza dough, sauces, butter

Quite a lot of tmx cooking today.

Breakfast was pancakes with the batter made in the tmx.

Lunch was chicken and sweetcorn soup - the stock was made in the tmx yesterday, then grated ginger and garlic, added, stock, tin of creamed corn and cooked 10 mins, then added a small tin of sweetcorn kernals, shredded cooked chicken and pepper and cooked another 10 mins.
Really yummy, super quick and easy soup.

Made ganache for truffles.

Dinner was pizza.
Made two lots of pizza dough (dinner tonight and also for calzones for school/work lunches)
Then made a tomato sauce (garlic, herbs, tin of tomatoes)
Also made a garlic butter sauce (garlic, herbs, butter, olive oil) as the kids love a garlic pizza to start with.
Also made a lot of spreadable butter for the fridge (see recipe earlier as per Quirky Jo - but 100g butter, 100g rice bran oil, 100g filtered water, blended.)

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