Thursday 23rd June - porridge, pearl couscous salad

Breakfast - porridge.

Lunch/dinner - made a 'couscous' salad.
Using Pearl couscous? I think it's called that. It's a large (well for couscous, tiny for anything else, lol) round couscous like pasta. (Found it at the Woolworths a few weeks ago) So chopped garlic and onion and sauted. Added 125g of the cous cous, 1 cup of water, 2 tsp of vegie stock concentrate, tsp of ground cumin and cooked for 10 mins (reverse, speed 1)
This tasted great but I think was a little overdone and next time I might steam it or cook on the stove as it only just held the pearls. I would also be interested in the frying it first technique mentioned on the packet.
Left to cool and mixed in chopped parsley and a little chopped coriander and a dressing made of limes, red wine vinegar and olive oil.
Really yum and will perfect this one.

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