Wednesday 22nd June - porridge, tortillas, orange choc chip muffins

I'm really going to try to find the time to get back into this blog and write more about what I've cooked and include photos. Our meals haven't been very exciting recently, we have so much on that everything has to be quick to make and I've fallen back on a lot of tried and tested favourites.
But took a couple of photos today to liven things up.

Breakfast was the usual porridge.

Lunch made tortilla's (Trudie's recipe from the forum). These really are so much nicer than bought and I must make them more often.
I also made some orange and choc chip muffins (recipe also from the forum). I love these but dd3 always wants me to make the cheese and zuchinni ones but I held my own today, lol. I love how you just throw the whole orange in and it tastes great.

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