Friday 24th June - porridge, chicken, mushroom and spinach in white sauce

Breakfast - porridge (LOL no surprise there!!)

Lunch - chicken, mushroom and spinach in white sauce.

When I was younger this was always a favourite of mine but can never be bothered to make it.
Today I had leftover chicken from yesterday and wondered what to do with it.
Made some white sauce (300g milk, 30g flour, 30g butter - 5 mins, 90degrees speed 4 (I think)) then added cooked chicken (a couple of cups, maybe less??), sliced mushrooms (2 as that was all we had, lol) and spinach (couple of cups) and pepper (next time I'll add garlic at the beginning too) and cooked another 5 mins, 90 °, reverse sp 1.5
This made enough for 3-4 servings depending how much sauce you want.
Served with pasta.
Was a hit with dd3 and myself.
And so so so easy to do with the thermomix.

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