Wednesday 8th June - porridge, fried bee hoon

Breakfast - porridge (still!)

Dinner - fried bee hoon from the Asia cook book.
Basically a chicken, noodle and mushroom stir fry. Really lovely flavours. I didn't have the wood ear (forgot to get it and couldn't be bothered going back to the shops) but had loads of dried shitake so just did more of that. (mine are already chopped so just did a bowl full, no idea if it was 4+ but looked like it).
But I could barely fit it all in, when I tried putting the noodles and cabbage in they sort of sat on top and I had to keep squishing them down to get the lid on (took a while), I dont' think there was too much volume wise just it wouldn't pack down? Then got the lid on and turned around a minute later and the noodles were spinning around the butterfly and then poking out the top (it was quite hilarious actually), I tried to shove them in to no avail so just left it. Thought they wouldn't cook properly but all was perfect (mine were fine ones and did the 6 mins).

Loads of leftovers (maybe I just had too much of everything?!! Will admit to not weighing and sure there was a bit more chicken, but did 1/2 a 400g packet of noodles so assume that was the required 200g) and everyone loved it so will do again.
Forgot the photo!!! We were hungry.

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