Sunday 27th February - pancakes, stock, soup, banana bread, fruit balls, marinade, mayo, carrot salad, fried rice

Breakfast - pancakes

Lunch - made chicken stock and then a soup using the stock, soup mix (cooked for 30 mins), mixed vegies (cooked for 15mins) and some pepper.

Afternoon made banana bread (

Once again a massive hit.

Dried fruit balls for this weeks lunch boxes:

Marinade for tonight's dinner (stir fried chicken) - ginger, garlic, chili, soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil.

Then made a batch of mayonnaise.

Also made a quick carrot salad for lunch tomorrow (hate to waste the mayo left in the bowl so leave a bit in and then chop a carrot and/or other veg).

Dinner - we had stir fried chicken, cashews and brocolli (using the marinade above) made on the stove top whilst the Thermomix made fried rice (garlic rice, with veg steamed in the varoma for 10 mins and eggs added to the varoma in the last 5 mins).

Was really pleased with this meal. Very quick to make and the marinated chicken was divine!

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