Friday 4th February - smoothie, ice cream, chicken, spinach and mushroom curry

Breakfast - smoothie.

Dinner - Chicken, spinach and mushroom curry.
I wanted dinner to have all the flavours of a good homemade curry but without much spice as it's still soooo hot here and wanted something light - but not salad again.
Decided as the TMX doesn't produce much kitchen heat unlike stove top or oven cooking I'd do a curry.

2 tsp coriander seeds

2 tsp cumin seeds

1 tsp cloves

Grind 30 sec spd 6

Add 30 g oil and saute 5 mins 100° sp 1

Add 500g diced chicken, 1 tbsp tikka paste, 200g yoghurt

Cook 14 mins 100° reverse sp 1

Add mushrooms cook 2 mins

Add spinach cook 4 mins

The sauce was quite runny so maybe would add a little flour next time - though it was fine as it was with rice to mop it up.
The girls and I enjoyed it (except dd3 who was feeling really terrible - hoping just heat and tiredness and didn't really eat - which as curry with chicken and mushrooms are her favourites) , a lovely light curry - would be a good one for kids. I guess pretty similar to a chicken in yoghurt recipe.

Dessert was JulieO's chocolate icecream (from the forum, mmmmmm)

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