Monday 14th February - chicken, potatoes and veg.

Wasn't around much and had leftovers for lunch so think I didn't cook till dinner time.

Dinner was Chicken Rolls (as we call them, flattened chicken breast pieces with fillings rolled up and secured in foil and steamed) with baby potatoes, carrots and sweet corn.

Fillings for the chicken were - cheese and olives, sundried tomato and basil, cheese, tomato puree, basil and olives.

Popped the chicken in the varoma with 1ltr water in the bowl, cooked 10 mins whilst preparing the rest, potatoes in the basket into the bowl and sweetcorn into the top varoma dish, cooked 12 mins, added carrots to varoma and cooked 8 minutes.

Oh and photo of yesterday's vegie rolls. (not the best one as didn't take a photo until tonight of the leftovers).
dd3 loved these, she didn't want to go to preschool but when I gave her a bit this morning and told her she could have the sausage rolls for lunch she changed her mind, and said this evening she'd go tomorrow if she could have the sausage rolls again!!

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