Monday 13th September - LTM, garlic bread, soup

LTM's - kid's rice bubble snacks
The older girls were very excited I'd made more of these as they were a favourite. I pressed them into deeper bars so think they work better.

Dinner - soup and garlic breakd
Garlic bread using this recipe
made the bread then folded the garlic butter into the loaf, mmmm the moistest garlicy bread, yum! Makes heaps.

served with yummy chicken and veg soup
chicken stock from yesterday, firstly ground garlic and chili, then added an onion and processed, then sauted for 2 mins. added chicken stock and heated for 5 mins, added the cooked chicken and veg (celery, carrot, small tin of sweet corn - the ones you get in a pack of 4) cooked for 10 mins then added the chopped spinach (I didnt have any chinese greens like bok choy) and cooked for another 5 mins.
Very yummy, and as for the bread the house stinks of garlic, it was lovely without adding butter and was worth it.

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