Friday 3rd September - soy stir fry chicken

Dinner tonight was a stir fry chicken dish.

I chopped garlic, little bit of ginger and then onion and some chinese five spice, sauted in a mix of olive and sesame oil (2 mins, 90 degrees) then add the chicken and soy sauce (cooked 10 mins, 100 degrees, reverse speed soft), added veg - carrots, beans and mushrooms and a little water and cooked a further 10 mins.
Served with rice, YUM!!


  1. Hi Zan
    I made this tonight and it was great (made my own five spice from the meat on the menu book) but my chicken ended up shredded. Has that ever happened to you? It may have been because it was semi frozen but just wanted to double check before making it again.
    Ta Ruth

  2. Ruth, not sure, mine stayed together fine, wouldn't have thought the semi frozen would make a difference as I've cooked with meat not completely thawed before, maybe size of chunks? The sausage pasta I made I had that problem a bit.

  3. Zan I made this again tonight and it stayed together a lot better. I reduced the cooking time and defrosted the chicken a bit more. thanks :-) Ruth