Wed 1st September - smoothie, garlic mushrooms, sausage pasta

Busy day today as my store ArtEZan is a sponsor on the Great Down Under Nappy Hunt that started today but the Thermomix still had a few uses.

Breakfast - banana smoothie.

Lunch - garlic mushrooms,

chop garlic (5 secs speed 6) add butter - cook 90 2 mins speed 1

add sliced mushrooms, cook 5 mins 90 reverse speed soft

Really impressed by this. Really quick and easy.

Dinner - Sausage Pasta

chop garlic and herbs and onion - saute 2 mins 90 speed 1

add sausage - saute 2 mins 90 reverse speed soft

add tomatoes and water - cook 8 mins 90 reverse speed soft

add pasta and veg - cook 10 min 90 reverse speed soft

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