Sunday 2nd October - cream of vegetable soup, spanakopita, Nigella's flourless choc brownies.

Lunch - cream of vegetable soup - chopped garlic, added chicken stock (made yesterday), 2 potatoes, cauliflower and mushrooms, cooked 20 mins, whizzed up and added some cream.

Dinner - Chicken in Lemon sauce, Spanakopita and Brocolli.
Made the Spanakopita mix in the tmx based on a Gordon Ramsay recipe in his World Kitchens cookbook.
I used diff quantites depending on what I had but
- chopped an onion, added olive oil and sauteed 5 mins
- Meanwhile wilted the spinach leaves (200g, could easily use more, recipe calls for 500g)
- Added spinach and tsp of nutmeg to the onion in the bowl and 200g feta, chopped
- Added 2 large eggs and 180ml thickened cream and mixed.
(could now add pine nuts)
- Placed 10 sheets of filo pastry in the bottom of a baking dish, basting with melted butter in between, added mixture, folded over edges, topped with 4 more sheets crumpled on top and cooked 50 mins at 170° in the oven.

The chicken I did on the stove top - flattened chicken breast pieces, coated in seasoned flour, cooked a couple of mins each side and set aside. Made the sauce, couple of cubes chicken stock, splash white wine, lemon zest, garlic (sauted first), lemon juice and a little cream to the juices in the pan. When thickening added the chicken back to warm through and served.

Also made Nigella's flourless choc brownies for dessert.
Used chopped macadamia/cashew/almond instead of walnuts.
OMG this is so rich!! No way would I go the choc sauce too. Really yum and I guess the nuts are healthy, lol.
Was still warm and very gooey but reading the comments should harden up in the fridge, though I liked it as a gooey dessert.

So a really yummy dinner, the kids all loved it as well as the adults, dd2 asked for it every day, lol. As I've mentioned before I so love veal/chicken in lemon sauce and it's so quick and easy should do it more often. The flattened chicken is so tender too.

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