Sunday 24th July - pancakes, curry powder, rice, naan, juice

Breakfast - pancakes

Dinner made this Beef Curry recipe. So made the curry powder in the tmx and then slow cooked the curry on the stovetop.
Meanwhile made an orange, mandarin and pineapple juice, yum!
To go with the curry I made naan bread (using the cumin and onion naan recipe in the Indian book) and also rice in the tmx.
The naan came out brilliantly, everyone was so impressed, restaurant quality.
Really loved the curry recipe, a great blend of flavours, absolutely packed with spices but not too spicy. Being slowcooked over a couple of hours it was so so so tender.
I used yoghurt instead of the coconut cream. Will definitely make this whole meal again.
Forgot to take a photo though!

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