Sunday 10th July - butter, duck and noodles in oyster sauce, duck stock, cookies, pizza dough, pizza sauces

Made spreadable butter. Using Quirky Jo's recipe. (ETA the link to her blog as couldn't get on last night spreadable butter )
I didn't make the butter as cream is so expensive here (anyone know of a reasonable cream supplier?) even though I loooooove homemade butter so much, but followed her same amount of oil and water recipe.
Used 100g of butter, 100g of grapeseed oil, 100g of water. Worked great. Checked it this evening and have lovely spreadable and great tasting butter in the fridge. Been so fed up with normal butter as even left at room temperature it's so cold at the moment it's completely solid. Summer is fine as I have a lovely butter crock that keeps it firm but winter is a pain.

Lunch was duck and noodle in oyster sauce.
chopped garlic and ginger, sauted, added veg (carrots, beans, hard ends of bok choy and mushrooms), oyster sauce, chicken stock, cooked 5 mins. Added cooked duck (leftovers from last nights roast duck) and the leafy bits of the bok choy, a little cornflour paste (after checking the consistency), noodles (singapore style, soaked for 2 mins in hot water) and cooked another 5 mins. Yum!!!!!

Then made some duck stock using the carcass.

$250 cookie recipe. Really yummy. Look and taste better than the photo, lol.

Dinner was pizza. Made the dough in the tmx.
Made sauces - a garlic, butter, rosemary and little olive oil sauce.
This is my kids favourite pizza, lol. How easy is that, though not very healthy!
And a tomato sauce - garlic, tin of tomatoes to puree, herbs (rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley), little brown sugar.
A yummy food day.

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