Tuesday 29th March - porridge, leek and potato soup

Must be the cooler weather as the kids are very into porridge for breakfast again - and I won't complain, cheap, filling and healthy.

Dinner - Leek and potato soup with garlic bread.
Put my foot down even when dd3 begged - not vegie udon soup tonight!!
One thing I so love about the tmx is how easy it is to make blended soups, not cooking, pouring into the food processor or using the stick blender, doing it in batches and making a mess. Cooks quickly (as you can chop the vegies first so easily) and then a quick whizz when cooked.

Luckily it was still a hit and even dd3 who refused to try it for the first 10 minutes (I don't like that soup!!! I remember it and I want the one with the vegies) ended up asking for a bowl and loving it.

Not very inspiring when photographed, lol, but yum.

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