Saturday 5th March - chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, vegie sausage rolls, honey, soy and lime marinade, creamy tomato pasta, chicken stock

It's dd3's 4th Birthday Party tomorrow so made
Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Ganache to ice it.

Decorated with chocolate numbers to make a clock face (was a bit of a squeeze to get the big ones on, lol, though looks a bit neater irl.

Made vegie 'sausage roll' mix
Did a double portion of this recipe I made up
Have partially cooked them ready to be heated up tomorrow.

Made a honey, soy and lime marinade for chicken drumsticks (having a BBQ tomorrow).

For dinner the girls had creamy tomato pasta.

I also made some chicken stock (just because I had a carcass to use up - but thinking soup and leftovers will be good for dinner tomorrow night).

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  1. Zan, your honey, soy and lime marinade sounds fab! And it's so fast and easy to make in the Thermomix. Thanks for showing us all the wonderful things one can do with their Thermomix. It's my best friend in the kitchen!