Mock Rice and chocolate dessert

OK not been a week or more since last blog but a couple of interesting things to blog.
1. chocolate dessert by chookie from the forum , so so so so simple. Evap milk, chocolate and gelatin. And YUM!!!!!!!!!!
2. Mock rice by Helene. Basically cauliflower rice (5 seconds on reverse speed 5) OMG this is brilliant. My kids love cauliflower so loved this - they preferred raw, I preferred cooked.
But for anyone wanting to lower carbs, calories, glycemic load, and more protein then try this. We had it with wontons (so the skins had the processed carbs already) and stir fry asian veg.

I'm not a cauliflower fan like the kids but really enjoyed it cooked, added a little soy sauce (or any other fitting sauce) and I think it's a great substitute.

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