Spotlight day

Thought I'd also start doing some Spotlight days. In the theme of why this blog was created, which was to show how often and on what I use my Thermomix for.
So today was a normal day in my kitchen. A weekend day so the chance of some baking (we aren't big baking family but usually make something on the weekend for lunch boxes etc).

Breakfast - pancake batter.
Made spreadable butter - as it's hot I've changed the recipe a bit so it doesn't melt so easily - 150g butter, 100g water, 100g rice bran oil.
Lunch made rice (to go with left over beef stroganoff, cooked in the tmx last night).
Afternoon made banana bread (forum recipe linked a few posts ago, still a winner!)
Dinner we had roast and made the gravy in the tmx.

So you can see how the tmx has integrated it's way into our lives and cooking and even after all this time is still being used multiple times a day.

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