Saturday 30th April - pancakes, chicken stirfry

Breakfast - pancakes

Dinner - chicken stir fry. Using my recipe (sure it's somewhere on here) chicken and veg with noodles. A real favourite and so quick and easy.
Basically, chop garlic and ginger, add water.
pop chicken and cashews into the varoma with some sesame oil, start cooking for 20 mins.
chop veg and add to varoma and cook for last 10 mins (except the leafy bok choy/choy sum etc - just add these for the last couple of minutes) .
Meanwhile pop the noodles in the thermoserver and add boiling water to cook.
strain noodles, add chicken and veg.
With just a small amount of water (and garlic and ginger and flavour from steaming) in the bowl add soy sauce, sherry and 2 tbsp of cornflour and cook for 4 mins.

Under 30 mins with no pre prep and so tasty.

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