It's been awhile!

Thought I'd pop in to do a quick update.

The thermomix is still a mainstay in my kitchen, had to replace the seal but still going strong. Oh and, lol, I also need to replace the measuring cup at some point soon as the cup part came off the top - it's now a very short measuring cup! Silly thing was it was about to break into two and I was being super careful with it and then I left it sitting in place whilst kneading pizza dough! LOL, yep of course the top bit flew off as soon as things got bumpy!

OK last couple of days.

Made strawberry jam on Thursday - can't remember anything else, but it's still the easiest way to make jam.

Friday, made stock and wontons. (I still prefer my wontons boiled not steamed so did that but ground/grated all the ingredients in the thermomix - garlic, ginger, carrot, celery, mixed in mince, soy sauce, fish sauce).
And then added garlic, ginger and veg to the stock for the broth to go with the wontons.

Saturday - boiled eggs. Anyone else think the thermomix is the best egg boiler?! I'm not a big fan but it's one of my girls favourite eggs and the thermomix makes it so easy and they don't crack!

Chocolate cake - left the older girls making a couple of the Too Easy chocolate cake's from the EDC and yep even my kids found them too easy - well after they'd found the flour! (how many texts can that take!)

Sunday - Having family over for dinner.
Not sure if I used thermi in the morning but for the dinner I did a curry night.
Desert - firstly whilst clean I whipped cream for the cake (baked yesterday)
Dish 1 - a slow cooked beef and potato curry. I milled a bunch of spices, garlic and ginger in the tmx, (didn't clean out properly as the daal was going in next) added this to beef, onions and potatoes slow cooked on the stove. All put on before guests arrived.
Dish 2 - a chinese chicken curry. (so had all the ingredients cut up and ready to throw in except the frozen peas)  This I used a bought sauce from the chinese supermarket that my kids just adore - adding chicken, peas, onions, celery and mushrooms.
Dish 3 - Daal, my eldest's favourite is the EDC tomato Dahl so that's what I made.
I prepped everything up until the cooking of the lentils, tomatoes etc bit, all sitting in the tmx and then just turned it on when ready to cook)
So all cooking at once, rice in the rice cooker (which grr as always didn't do quite as good a job as the tmx, but at least it was minimal work from me and everything cooking at once so I could enjoy the company) and a lovely big meal served easily. Added in a greek yoghurt side and tomato and cucumber salad (lemon and vinegar dressing similar to the Indian cookbook one) and everyone loved it.

So easy and I have to say cheap to provide a great Indian feast - and we have so many leftovers, fed us today and tomorrow for lunch as well!!
Really all for under $30!

Today  - Monday - leftover day, lol!!

Tomorrow I need to do some baking for school starting back on Wednesday - planning some banana muffins, muesli bar of some sort, maybe some fruit balls. Or if I have some even some rice bubble bars as a starting back at school treat.

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